1. Yvette

    I’m with Kath, where’s the picture of the new haircut?! Don’t feel bad about wanting the weekend to get here quicker…I’m sure most people who work Monday to Friday can’t wait for the weekend either. I start thinking about the weekend bright and early Monday morning, lol. Maybe a fun mid-week activity would help to break up the week a little bit…maybe a book club or a cooking class? 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about Tuesday! It’s by far my least favorite day of the week! I definitely know what you mean about haircuts though.. I have finally found a good hair stylist here in D.C. and I am so extremely grateful. I’m total Type A when it comes to even a trim.

  3. Oh my word…I too hate when my stylist goes crazy with the blowout when my hair is already straight to begin with. I know that lots of women seek them out for that specific mane-managing perfect, but my hair does very well on its own.

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