1. Amy

    love fish tacos! BUT my favorite favorites are the weird ones — lengua is so good! also al pastor — so good with the pineapple on top. sounds like a satisfying night!

  2. All your pictures are making me hungry! Tacos aren’t usually my go-to order at Mexican places… I’m much more of a burrito girl. But all your talk of tacos is making me want to go try some!

  3. yujeong jeong

    hmm. i should have tried fish tacos when i was in America..
    here in Korea, there are great taco restaurants but they all use flour tortilla..i miss corn one! haha

  4. Paige

    Pretty much everything I’ve ever had with chorizo in it is delicious, so I’m not at all surprised the tacos were as well!

  5. This Nana’s of yours looks like it could be Marcus Spiritual Home. Give the man a side of beans with a meal and he’ll go anywhere and to any lengths.

    p.s. I definitely agree that the proper tortilla pairing makes all the difference.

  6. Lisa

    Did you ever make it to Dorado in Brookline when you were in Boston? I went with a friend yesterday and had FANTASTIC fish and shrimp tacos. I’m still thinking about them.

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