1. Agreed! I just ate 3 Oreos. Delicious? YES. But now I feel disgusting, but at the same time contemplating eating another one!

  2. Dad

    Don’t worry Laura. When you retire at an estimated adjusted Social Security retirement age of 72 the big circle will end. If you jump out of the corporate world it may end earlier, but the self-employed create their own circles, or, in the worst case, downward spirals. Is that whiny enough or too depressing? Then create your own life’s path and live an upward trajectory.

  3. Ha! Your dad is funny πŸ™‚

    I am trying to drop a few pounds and Tuesday mornings are my weigh in day. This morning I weighed in at the same darn weight as last Tuesday. Argh! At least I didn’t gain any weight.

    Keep your head up!! We will both figure out a life path that fulfills us.

    • Laura

      Thanks! Good luck – I’m sure you’ll catch up next Tuesday since it sounds like you are working hard!!

  4. Lynn

    Thank you for being so honest about your jobs both past and present. I can so relate with the struggle and I will soon be 42. I read several blogs and I connect with yours the most. I too am ready to crash on the couch after work on most days. I teach special education and some days are such a challenge. I try to always have a positive attitude and smile on my face while at work, but sometimes this is extremely difficult. Thanks again for being so honest; I find comfort in being able to relate to you.

    • Laura

      Thank you for the note:) Teaching special education has got to be one of the most difficult jobs out there, so I’m not surprised that you like to crash on the couch too!!

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