1. Miranda

    Happy anniversary! Wow, six years. I’ve never committed to anything that long, not even university! Hope you guys enjoy your celebrations this weekend.

    I wanted to ask your advice – a friend and I are planning a bit of a road trip around the southern US next year, have you got any particular recommendations? My only two places I must go are New Orleans and Orlando (I really want to go to Harry Potter World!!).

    • Laura

      haha – thanks!

      I would recommend Charleston or Savannah and maybe somewhere in the mountains – Asheville, NC is a cute place to visit. Are you headed west of New Orleans? – would definately recommend Austin, TX or AZ.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Matt’s an excellent catch. You are too, of course, but not sure my opinion counts in that regard since I am your mother…

  3. anon

    Shrimp and wine are huge triggers of migraine. You may wish to explore whether they are triggers for you.

  4. Six years, lady? Congrats – that’s absolutely lovely. I hope that the two of you were able to share a wonderful weekend together – I can’t wait to read all about the adventures.

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