1. Your pumpkin beer line up looks great. I really wish we had Pumpking on the west coast but I’m pretty sure it’s not distributed here. I really need to try some pumpkin beers though.

    That food looks amazing (of course!).

    Best dining experience in my city was at a restaurant called Syrah…oh what a great night that was!

  2. Miranda

    That food looks out of this world… glad you guys had an awesome anniversary dining experience šŸ™‚ Americans seem to eat pumpkin as a dessert a lot! It’s pretty much strictly a savoury dish here, paired with feta and spinach seems really popular. My french professor told me once that in France they feed pumpkins to pigs. Tomato tomato right?!

    My best dining experience in Perth – there is a restaurant here called Chapter One, their lemon pepper calamari is outstanding and the wild rabbit and mushroom pie was incredible!
    PS – thanks for your tips, Charleston and Savannah fit right into my travel route so I added them both šŸ™‚

    • Laura

      feta and spinach with pumpkin sounds good! Glad you’ll be able to visit two awesome southern cities!

  3. YUMMY! I have never tried a pumpkin beer either, but your blog makes me want to go out and buy a few to sample. šŸ™‚ Your weekend sounds delightful and now I’m going to be dreaming of that pumpkin sampler dessert plate! holy cow!

  4. The best dining experience I’ve had in Charleston was shrimp and grits at Fleet Landing. It was out of this world.

    I’m visiting my sister in Boston this weekend and we had dinner at Panza in the North End last night. Goat cheese ravioli with duck confit, wild mushrooms, dried cranberries and a pesto sauce. Unbelievable.

  5. Those dumplings are totally something my boyfriend’s austrian grandmother makes him all the time, only they just have them with spinach, and cover them with cheese. It’s called kaperschaezle or something – but they just call them smooshies. hahaha

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