1. If I won the lottery…I would make sure our parents were ready to go for retirement, donate to charity, volunteer and buy one of those lovely quilted Chanel purses.

  2. Miranda

    That looks INSANELY delicious. I am jealous. And I would go to your cafe if that’s the kind of thing you’d be serving in it.

    If I won the lottery I would travel to New Zealand once a month just to see my dog. And I would go bananas at Tiffanys. Then I’d pay off friends’ student loans and buy my sister a house, then go do the masters degree I’ve been eyeing up for a couple of years.

    I am reading Jane Eyre at the moment! I can totally see why it’s a classic – it’s so well written. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 If you like books which make you think a little more, you should try The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde – one of my favourite books of all time by far!

  3. Oh man that casserole looks so good! If I won the lottery I’d quit my job so that I could dedicate all my effort into finding a job that I enjoy. I’d also finish my MBA and then go back to school to study nutrition, not sure if I’d go the full RD route but I just want to learn more!

  4. Dad

    Happy Birthday Sweety! Looking forward to the Bud Lights, Time Out chicken tenders, and the Kerr Drug candy rack tonight.

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