1. For whatever reason, the basketball signing-fact really hit me. It’s such a little thing for them to do every day, but the difference it can make from a charity auction standpoint is huge.

  2. Ok, you are totally speaking my language with the Duke basketball. Is it weird that in that old team poster, I could tell you what every players name is? I used to attend Coach K’s basketball camps when I was younger and grew up idolizing Duke basketball players like most girls did New Kids on the Block. Sounds like a fun day at work!

    PS – Zoubek was my husbands favorite player on the 2010 championship team.

  3. Dad

    You sure got to see parts of Cameron that not many ever see. What year was that team photo ’93 or ’94? Amazing how many players I’ve forgotten.

    • Jen

      Good question! At first I thought it was ’93, but I don’t see Bobby Hurley. Then I thought maybe ’94, but I don’t see Wojo. I do see Grant Hill and Chris Collins, though so it had to be one of those years!

  4. Jen

    #44 – Cherokee Parks!

    I am so envious of your trip to Cameron. I’ve been a Duke fan since the mid-80’s and have never been to a game there (it’s def on my bucket list!). I’ve seen the Duke team play in other venues, but my dream is still to go to a game in Cameron. The closest I’ve come is riding through the Duke campus and getting lost trying to find it. We eventually did and it was beautiful!

    Until I get to Cameron, I will just live vicariously through your blog. Tell Coach K hi if you ever see him! 🙂

    • Laura

      That’s a good thing to have on your bucket list – it’s the most amazing experience. Glad there are other die-hard fans out there:)

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