1. It’s been freezing here too! My house sucks at holding in the heat. I need new windows…:(

    Hmm…I think my favorite food memory is eating at this restaurant, Syrah, when I was 18. My boss/instructor at the time took about 6 of us out to dinner and we practically ordered everything on the menu and we all tasted everything. We literally ordered every dessert. Everything was amazing and I couldn’t believe I ate that much food! She was also friends with the chef/owner so we got to tour the kitchen and he made us specials too! Such a great time/memory!

  2. My favorite food memory? It might be eating a giant plate of prawns at a roadside trailer on our drive around Oahu. Or eating a falafel at 3 AM at a food truck by the studio we rented for the weekend in NYC. Or the giant seafood platter (complete with whole fish) that we took down in Mykonos. Or the gyro that I literally had to hunt down in Olympia (you would not think that would be a problem in Greece). Asking me my favorite food memory is like asking me what my favorite food actually is – there are just too many to count.

    • Laura

      Those all sound like beautiful memories – my goal is to get to Mykonos for that platter some day soon:)

  3. My favorite food memory is coming into the house after sledding in our New Jersey neighborhood. I was five. My mom had homemade dip on the coffee table with chips, and she was getting ready to have us toast hot dogs in the fire. I think it was at the moment that I realized I had a cool, fun mom!

    • Laura

      Fun memory! Kind of like when we had “eat whatever you want for dinner” night when Dad was out of town.

  4. Krista

    One of my favorite food memories always took place on Thanksgiving morning…my mom would let my sister & I help her make the stuffing that would go in the turley, we’d toast bread & saute ground beef & veggies, then my mom would mix it all up & always give us a taste test of the stuffing before it went in the bird. I swear that little taste was always the best!

  5. Hm, I’m sure I could come up with grander ones, but my favorite (very!) recent food memory is eating the cookie platter at Top of the Hub with my boyfriend last weekend. Seriously the best cookies I have every tried, and I consider myself a cookie connoisseur.

    • Laura

      OMG – that platter was one of my very favorite things when I lived in Boston. So jealous you just had it!!

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