1. I love the first one as I also hate being cold (thus I moved to the South). While rainy days are great, they better be accompanied with a big blanket or space heater to keep me warm!

    p.s. That grilled cheese looks like the bomb.

  2. Love list posts. 🙂 Do you ever dye your hair, or have you stayed so blonde naturally?

    I’ve also found that Whole Foods does a good job with non-obnoxious construction. Happy Thursday (for you)!

    • Laura

      I haven’t ever dyed my hair and it ususally gets lighter in the summer. However, now that I’m older, it’s not really maintaining its color. I’m thinking of getting highlights, but I’m scared to try it (and it’s expensive!)

  3. #1, 9, and 10 go well together! There’s just something about warm soup on a rainy day. If you’re simmering the soup awhile, you can add the greens much earlier and they’ll wilt a bit more, but chopping is probably your best bet 🙂
    Boo for working on Saturday, but at least your weekend sounds like fun! Do you always work on the weekends?

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