1. Stephanie C

    My fave dish is EVERYTHING! Except the meat 😉 I’ve never had a really great turkey. I love stuffing, green bean casserole (yes.. the canned kind!), mashed potatoes with BUTTER & MILK, and the cranberry sauce from TJs.
    I’m on a vegan fast right now so .. I miss my dairy. But I’ll be making a vegan version of stuffing this year, some bnut squash/pumpkin soup and a green bean side dish (almond and shallots).

  2. I’m actually not a huge Thanksgiving food person (I know, I’m weird!), if I ever host my own Thanksgiving I’d love to make some sort of stuffed Turkey breast kind of thing.
    If I have to pick a favorite, it’s stuffing! Anything homemade is good, but I like my Memere’s recipe for French Meat Stuffing best. It’s like the filling of a French Meat Pie, if you’ve ever had one of those before.

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