1. Sarah G

    I think Christmas trees from the lots are expensive too, but the smell really makes the season feel more real.
    Home Depot sells a 5-6 foot tree for only $19–I’d say that’s worth it!

  2. Hillary WB

    I know this is totally random, but we just picked up a little (~3′) tabletop tree from Trosa (http://www.holidaysbytrosa.com/) in Chapel Hill for $22. They’re a great organization local to the Triangle that we were happy support and have locations in Durham, too, though I totally feel you on the penny pinching these days!

  3. Anne

    YOU NEED TO GET A TREE!! It’s your first Christmas in your new place; make it homey and festive! You’ll regret not having one, it makes the season wonderful and full.

  4. When we’ve traveled over Christmas before and it’s seemed like getting a tree wasn’t worth it, we’ve bought wreaths for the holiday smell and put arrangements of ornaments around the house. Festive but not expensive!

  5. I have been putting up with my bad hair for a solid month just so I could get a fresh haircut for Christmas. Between seeing old friends, parties, husband office parties and all the photos in between, I can’t go into the holidays with my hair looking bad. I thought it was just me!

  6. Oh I want a tree too!! But I am with you in them being too expensive – like you I am in extreme penny pinching mode as well. And I just spent the $$ to get my hair done as well, being a girl is expensive!

  7. Krista

    We always get a tree, it’s tradition & it just makes the house feel special at Christmas. I decorate it & my husband puts up the train around the tree.

  8. Stephanie C

    I don’t think you NEED a tree. If you miss the smell, you can always get a wreath or some garland/pine tree pieces to put around the house. Or get a voluspa pine candle!
    I’m debating whether or not we’ll get a christmas tree.. my sister in law just decorated her ficus tree. If we do get one, it’ll be very small.

    • Stephanie C

      Oh.. and I feel you on the hair cut need! I get split ends so easily so need one every 3 months (and I don’t use heat on my hair – maybe once a month). I’m trying to last a little while longer, so I bought a mask to use on my hair.. it’s made it a little better but nothing can get rid of those split ends!

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