1. Cara

    Thanks for the pumpkin bean soup suggestion. I have been wanting to try a pumpkin soup and I loved this one!!

  2. Oh sister, we are SO on the same page this week – I’m making the Peas’ Chickpea Tacos tomorrow night! Love the corn idea – will probably have to involve that. I already have the avocado thing on lockdown.

  3. Wrapping up grad school finals and COULD NOT be more excited to get home for a spell and back into cooking. Also looking forward to make some holiday dishes. And decorating cookies!!

  4. I cannot tell you how gorgeous and delicious your tacos look on the shiny computer in the tutoring center, even at eight in the morning.

  5. Lindsay

    Love the Peas & Thank You chickpea tacos! Even fed them to my skeptical boyfriend who loved them as well!

  6. Yum, those look so yummy! I like how pieces inevitably crack off with hard tacos, so you’re left with chips at the end as well 🙂

    It’s been quiet in my part of the blog world as well…not sure why!

    • Laura

      I love that too, but I also just ate extra chips on the side:) TJ’s makes sweet potato corn chips now!

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