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Red Velvet

Posted on Dec 26, 2011 | 5 comments

I had a very very merry Christmas (and I hope you did too!) Matt and I helped cook Christmas brunch – pancakes and a huge frittata – and then relaxed and opened presents. I asked for mostly consumables and got some awesome gift-cards! Can’t wait to spend them in the new year.



We also headed to Duke gardens for a family walk and then to see the movie My Week with Marilyn. It was such an enjoyable afternoon and the movie was much different than I expected (in a good way).






Cocktail hour commenced at 5 with beer, baby pictures, and another cheese ball.



IMG_7883.JPG IMG_7886.JPG
Christmas dinner was the traditional Thanksgiving spread, which was really fun because I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my parents this year.
LOVE my mom’s brandy sweet potatoes!




We rested before dessert because we all wanted to make room for the Christmas cake I was in charge of ordering. I went with a red velvet cake from The Carolina Cake Company and it was fabulous.

I went all out and had two pieces of cake AND a slice of cheesecake, so I was pretty much out of commission for the rest of the evening. SO worth it though for two of the best desserts I have ever had.
We also enjoyed a very special ice wine that Matt and I brought back from a winery in Canada over a year ago.

It’s a sweet dessert wine infused with maple syrup. Just as good as I remember and so nice to share it on this special occasion!
It’s back to work tomorrow, but only for a day!


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  1. Mom

    What a Christmas! Thanks for all the good food. I put Matt at our stove on my Facebook page.

  2. Dad

    We just finished the last of the shrimp and the meatballs and the last piece of your frittata for dinner in our Pinnacle suite, washed down with the remainder of the Red Truck. The wine was still as good as a freshly opened bottle. Thanks for all your and Matt’s help for Christmas.

  3. Allison

    Looks like and sounds like a fabulous family-filled and food-filled holiday! The pink trees are beautiful and that peppermint cheesecake looks divine!

  4. Dee

    Mmm,.. all the food looks too delicious! It looks like you and your family had such a great christmas!

  5. lauren

    What an amazing spread! Your cheesecake looks great, my husband is the cheesecake baker in our family, but he hasn’t made a peppermint one yet.

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