Out of Juice

Hi friends,

The good news is that I’m home safe and sound on the couch eating dinner from the WF hot bar and chocolate leftover from Chistmas (vacation withdrawal), but the bad news is that I left my computer cord in Florida and my laptop is dead.  Soo, I’ll have to wait a day or two to write a full recap of our time in Savannah because it’s too difficult to edit photos and blog without the appropriate software.  We had an amazing time with the exception of a tummy ache that semi-ruined new year’s:(  Our last day made up for it though, and I’m still dreaming of the sunset river views, fried pickles, and pork tacos we had yesterday.  For now, I’ll wish you all a happy new year!

PS: loved reading through the comments from the Next Step post!  I feel good about the changes to come and appreciate all the encouraging words:)


  1. mischasone.

    Can’t wait to hear about Savannah. Think it will be one of our stops on our two month trip to the USa and Canada later this year. Always good to get the inside word before traveling.

  2. Sorry to hear about the bug and computer problems 😕 I had to take my comp to the Apple store last night and they have to replaced my logic board [aka mother board?] so I can relate not having your own stuff to use… I’ve been using my work computer but it’s a PC and I’m impartial to my Mac 😛

    • Laura

      The tummy ache was from an organic chicken…the fried pickles I had the next day made me feel great:)

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