1. Miranda

    Happy first day!! I think it’s pretty awesome that the teachers already have faith in you, that’s excellent. School psychs are not very common over here in Western Australia – are they in the States?

  2. Lynn

    Glad you had a good first day. I remember you said you are working part-time. Do you get to set your own hours? If so, I think that will be wonderful.

    • Laura

      No:( My schedule is mostly determined by the various meetings I have to attend, so it’s not very flexible…

  3. SchoolPsychology Student

    Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading about your school psychology experience! I’m going into the second year of my program & I’m a little nervous! I TOO want to work in Atlanta (I’m actually from ATL). Like you stated, I think I’m more into the MENTAL HEALTH than EDUCATION. I am actually surprised about how much we DO NOT study mental illnesses. Would you recommend School Psychology as a career? I’m thinking it might be best to cut my loses and go into Occupational Therapy…?? I’m just not sure! ๐Ÿ™

    • Laura

      It’s still a great career and can be very rewarding! If you’re willing to put in the time working in a traditional role for a couple of years, sometimes you can practice privately or work in mental health clinics or hospitals. It is a TON of testing though, and if you don’t like the testing, then I’d say it might be smart not to continue with the program. I really wish I had considered other options, but I was too scared to quit! Good luck and email me if you think of other questions.

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