1. Dad

    Green beans taste better if they’re cooked a little longer, ’til the point that they’re turning yellowish green and have lost their snap. Then add butter and salt and stir. Perfect veg.

  2. I have seen all the Jane Eyre movies (I think) and they’re all good in their own way. I’m not sure which one you’re talking about, but I’d go ahead and watch it because it’s great.

    The bun on your burger looks really good.

  3. M

    I believe you meant to say “without further ado”

    Adieu means goodbye in French and it’s pronounced [uh-dy-euh]. Sorry, I’m a French major and this is just a pet peeve of mine.

    Also, nice photography!

    • Laura

      Yes, I did! It’s funny because I actually looked it up to clarify and then still typed the wrong one bc it was on my mind. Thanks:)

  4. Jennifer L

    I have mixed feelings about green beans, too… Do I like them? Do I not like them? I’m just not sure.

    I live near Detroit, and there’s a lot of cities around and including the D that have restaurant week… and there is one this week! It’s in a more affluent city, so the restaurants are normally pretty pricy. I hope to go to at least one, so I can get a taste of what I’m missing. Maybe your photos will inspire me! 😉

  5. I just found out it’s restaurant week and have no idea when it started or when it ends- totes should check into that… It was the last week of the second quarter for us this week and it was chaos! Hope your last week of the quarter is a bit more manageable…

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