1. Stephanie C

    This is my second year participating with my church – so this week we give up meat (until Easter/Pascha), next week starts the dairy and eggs portion. Some people get really strict with it and don’t do any oil or wine, but the dairy part is hard enough for me!! Before joining the Orthodox church I fasted from butter, but I think I did this with the wrong intentions – it was before my wedding.

  2. Lindsay

    For the past couple of years I’ve given up cookies (my ultimate favorite dessert!) but this year I’m going even more hardcore and giving up chocolate. I can’t give up dessert entirely though, I already plan to make funfetti cupcakes this week 🙂

  3. One year I gave up complaining. It was amazing how many times I had to hold my tongue. Not sure about this year, but I’d better decide fast!

  4. sharon

    Last year I gave up meat for lunches, thinking about doing that again! I also dread the post-work workouts!! In fact, I opted out of my work out during lunch and now I am forcing myself to go after work!!

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