1. Layla

    So I’m cringing: Matt was really okay with your taking pictures of the food at this important business dinner? I’m sure everyone was very nice and very polite about it, but all I can imagine is that it made you look like a rube who’s very un-used to dining in nice restaurants. It just seems like it would have been a good night to lay off the photographing to spare Matt’s professional image.

    • Laura

      It wasn’t an important business dinner per se – but a congratulatory dinner where Matt was welcomed to the company! There were quite a few other students there (who know about the blog). During introductions, we actually had to say an interesting fact about ourselves, which worked out perfectly because I got to say ‘I have a blog which is why you’ll see me taking pictures…’ Everyone loved it and they were actually excited to go read the post the next day to see how I documented the dinner:)

      • I was going to ask you about the pictures as well, only because my blog is new and my friends and family think it’s silly when I’m constantly taking pictures. Do you/did you ever run into that? Often I don’t take the pictures I want to so as to avoid annoying everyone!

        • Laura

          It can def. be uncomfortable, but not so much with friends and family because they are soo familiar with the blog (and yours will likely warm up to it). If the dinner setting on Thursday had involved clients or if Matt were being evaluated in some way (like a post-interview dinner), then I’d probably skip the pictures. I also don’t keep a food diary (don’t document breakfast, lunch, snacks, ect) which makes it a lot easier because I wouldn’t feel comfortable photographing food at work…. Aside from formal settings though, I personally don’t think it’s that annoying, especially if you’re just whipping out a small point and shoot. Good luck with your new blog:)

  2. Melissa

    Hi Laura,
    Glad you had a great night. I’m a business major just curious- is Matt getting his MBA and what type of work does he hope to do when he graduates?

    • Laura

      Thanks! He is getting his MBA and is going into consulting for the summer. If he likes the work, he’ll probably end up in consulting after he graduates!

  3. Miranda

    I think it’s kind of silly how people just assume that you wouldn’t give any consideration to your partner’s professional image and would take pictures even if it was inappropriate! You definitely seem much more self-aware than that to me. Dinner looked delicious 🙂 And hope you had fun at the auction!

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