1. Katie @ Plates and Paste

    Katherine Hepburn and Howard Hughes? I agree about seeing more movies! But now I have a list of ones I want to see 🙂

  2. kate

    Too personal?

    My other half is about to embark on the grad school journey and I am scared silly because of the money and how it will affect us, given that we have worked since college. I will have to give up my job! But i see that you guys manage to eat out regularly, live in a really nice place and continue to have a really, very nice standard of living! Any tips? Did you guys save like crazy for this? Is real estate super cheap down there? I’m envisioning living on instant noodles and never going out, but you guys seems to do fine……!

    • Laura


      We definitely didn’t save like crazy (well Matt did, but it still doesn’t come close to covering grad school costs), but Durham is significantly cheaper than most cities. We can get a nice meal here for about $50-$60 and in Boston a nice meal was easily $100. Apartments are also really reasonable here, so we don’t spend all of our money on monthly rent like we did in Boston. That being said, finances are still VERY tight and Matt and I stick to a strict budget each month. We never go over our grocery budget, pack all of our lunches, and usually eat out once a week. We budget for our weekly night out (usually $30-$40/weekend) and then one of us pays the difference or we look for coupons/groupons. We set the money aside each month and put it into a joint account so that, no matter what, we can always enjoy a weekly splurge together. Matt’s grad program is also great in that they provide a lot of free food/events, including dinner and drinks every Friday night. Will you be looking for another job? I don’t make much, but it obviously really helps that I’m working while Matt’s in school (which is the main reason we didn’t go at the same time). GOOD LUCK!!!!

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