1. I definitely had a case of the Mondays! Usually I’m psyched for the start of the week but not today. But my sister and I decided to take the dogs on an evening walk , which perked us up a bit 🙂

  2. I lived in Switzerland for a while so it’s fun to see the beautiful scenery again. Makes me wish I was still there! Maybe not with a guy who has multiple girlfriends, though…

  3. Lindsay

    Agreed!! Today was super dreary in Durham though it was a busy Monday in the lab for me. Hoping for a slower day tomorrow- so much to catch up on in the old lab notebook.

  4. The Bachelor this season is absolutely redic but I can’t help but watching! I really wish I hadn’t read the spoilers earlier in the season because I’m so mad about his decision…

  5. I had printed this recipe before hoping to try it but I’ve never actually had butternut squash. I think I’ll do the sweet potato instead.. they look so good.

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