Iron + Omelet

Busy, busy day at work, but it sure feels good to check things off my list. I can’t believe the school year will be over in three months! I wonder what the summer will bring…

I usually go to spinning on Wednesdays, but the class was cancelled due to Duke’s spring break. It’s really hard to get me to the gym after my work days without a spinning class, but the nice weather gave me a little push, and I made it to the stair climber. It was tough to get started, but as always, I felt more awake and energized afterwards. I’ve been having a lot more trouble with feeling exhausted and lethargic these days. Who knows what has changed. It could be related to stomach stuff – sometimes I have this feeling that I’m not absorbing any of the nutrients I’m eating. I’ve had trouble with low iron in the past, but I just can’t take the supplements because of my stomach. I know I need to eat more red meat, but I just hate spending $ on it and I never feel like dealing with raw meat, cooking it, ect. I’d love to just go buy a burger right. Omelets are so much easier! I kind of ruined dinner by snacking while I was packing my lunch, so I had a simple spinach and cheese omelet with sweet taters.


Also, my hair is gross and needs sunshine! I absolutely cannot wait until it’s warm enough to sit outside and just soak up the rays. I almost went to the sauna today, but knew I’d be at risk for falling asleep. That used to happen a lot in Boston.

That’s a wrap. See ya.


  1. I know what you mean about red meat! I mean, we eat meat for crying-out-loud, but for some reason, beef rarely makes it into our house these days. I should probably surprise Marcus with a giant steak or something.

  2. Hawley Tremblay

    Do you ever think about eating blackstrap molasses? It has tons of iron a nutrients- I love putting a spoonful in oatmeal with some cinnamon and spices- it’s like a molasses spice cookie.

  3. Claire

    Hey girl! I have low iron too-so bad that I have to get iron transfusions every couple of months. If you try taking iron pills with orange juice, becsuse it really helps!…I totally feel ya on the problems. Also, maybe an iron transfusion will help you! Insurance should cover it, and despite it being 5 hours of boredom, usually you just need one to help fix you all up (I’m just a weirdo and have to have multiple ones) I hope this helps you!

    • Laura

      Interesting – never heard of that! Does it hurt? I’m not sure if mine is that bad, but I’ll def. ask my Dr. about it.

  4. TMR

    I have low iron too. Have you tried Floradix? It’s a product from Germany and many people who can’t tolerate the pills have success with it. I found some at Whole Foods, and it’s pricey (about $25/one month), but if it helps you have more energy, it’s worth it, right?

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