1. Stephanie C

    I can’t run when it’s cold either, but then when it gets too hot – there is another excuse! I have a hard time breathing so when the weather gets cold my asthma gets worse.

  2. I think I tried an outdoor run in January…. I didn’t take to it. I just don’t “do” winter, either! Do you ever find in the summer, though, it’s too warm to exercise? Unless it’s early or evening I suppose…

    Warm weather mostly reminds me of being a kid.. we had a big under ground pool, so in the summers we were always outside and always had people coming over. Parties, BBQs, whatever. Yesterday we had our first really warm day and I was reminded of where I used to hike when I lived in CA, and bike rides.. I can’t wait for bike rides! Thanks for getting me in the mood for spring 🙂

    • Laura

      Yeah, in the summer I go to the gym most days.

      Wish I had had a pool growing up – that sounds like so much fun!

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