1. Hey there!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long while now just never made myself known, so hello finally!. I love looking at all your pictures of food and beer – I’m most certainly a foodie myself and love good drinks to complete any meal 🙂 What made me comment tonight, of all things, is the desserts from India. They sound delicious- anything with a coconut paste, chocolate sprinkles, and pistachios sounds perfect!

    I appreciate all your honesty in your writings as well. It takes a lot of courage to admit your uncertainties – just know you’re in good company! Keep up your positive attitude and continue to follow your heart. It is clear you have a loving family and boyfriend to support you no matter what!

  2. Miranda

    Wow, I cannot believe Matt was allowed to bring those desserts through customs?! Lucky. Those pizzas look incredible.. I know what I’m making for dinner tonight, thanks!!

  3. Must be nice to have Matt home again 🙂

    Ahhh, when I was a student at Duke I had some friends who lived in your apartment complex! 😉

  4. Whitney

    This chili lime re-fried bean goodness has sparked my curiosity – is this a Trader Joe’s find?

  5. Your Mexican pizzas are making my mouth water! I have been loving tortillas with ooey-gooey melted cheese lately 😀

    P.S. Your patio furniture is adorable- World Market?!

  6. Those Indian treats look divine! Coconut, pistachios, AND chocolate? I think it was meant to be eaten by me because those are my favorites! : P Your blog is wonderful. I think I had the sentiment of “taking back my twenties” too a few years back but now… I think I’ve finally found my niche after some twists and turns. Good luck to you! : )

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