1. Michelle

    How funny that you call them “hanging worms”! I’ve never heard that before. Where I live they are caterpillars. In the town I grew up in, they would do the same thing as where you are: hang from trees, fall on everyone, get crunched up on the sidewalks, yuck! Luckily it doesn’t last forever.

  2. Don’t worry about the “failed run”… it was hot and itchy and those worms are seriously gross! That trail is hard – walking it is hard enough! Enjoy Charlottesville… I love the vinyards there!

  3. This teacher has one thing on her mind… spring break! 2 more hours and then I’ll be free for a week 😀 Enjoy the vineyards!

    P.S. I ran yesterday for the first time in months and it was all hills and I’m regretting it this morning- just think of that Greek yogurt as saving you from the same experience 😛

  4. Wow, those must be Durham hanging worms/caterpillars. Don’t have them all over our clothes up in Hillsborough right now. See, there is something redeeming about your home town!

  5. The first time my husband and I went to the WaDuke Trail we were flabbergasted by the hills! I swear one of them is a straight 80 degree incline! We ran what we could and huffed and puffed up the hills. We were WORN out by the end!

  6. That worm is giving me the creepy crawlies just looking at the picutres! I can’t imagine them just regularly hanging off me!

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