1. lisa

    I actually was in davidson over the weekend. Me and my BF were looking at houses. Were thinking of making a move from new jersey down there. First we looked in charlotte but were more of outside of the city people. Would you recomend the town to live in? I would be working in the city so Im not sure how the drive would be with traffic. Or if there would be a train or something I could take. Thanks for any help 🙂

    • Laura

      It’s a really great town, although it is small. There’s tons to do in that area though. I know there’s a bus and there are plans for a train in the future, but the traffic at this point is pretty bad during rush hour:(

  2. Kathryn

    I’ve heard The Hunger Games and 21 Jump Street were both worth seeing (the latter if you like Superbad-type humor), and there’s always the classic, Titanic 3D!

  3. As much as I love traveling I agree that it is nice to be home sometimes. I love being able to knock out my to-do list! The shrimp in the above picture look delicious 🙂

  4. Jackie W.

    Hi Laura-

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I love it! Anyway, I noticed you get headaches quite frequently. Have you determined what they’re from? Not to scare you at all, but I kept getting headaches continuously for most of my senior fall semester of college – it got to a point where even Excedrin wouldn’t work! I finally went to a neurologist, and after a few scans, it was determined I had a blood clot in my brain, formed from birth control, (and most likely some genetic factor that is still not testable). After a week in the hospital and eight months of medication, I’m now only on a light blood thinner for life. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to see a neurologist, just to narrow some things out, if you haven’t already!

    • Laura

      Oh my! I’m glad you’re better! I think/worry about stuff like that alot, but none of the doctors I’ve seen seem concerned when I describe my symptoms. I do think seeing a neurologist would be a good idea – I guess I just need to take the initiative and ask for a referral…

      Thanks for reading:)

  5. I can’t believe none of the comments ahead of me mentioned American Reunion (aka American Pie) is coming out this weekend! For me it was a major thing when my parents finally let me watch it (I’m 23 so I couldn’t see it in theaters originally). But my boyfriend and I plan on going on Saturday and I will be doing a blog review of it later!

    • Laura

      Was there more than one American Pie? I’m afraid I might not be caught up on the ones already out!!

  6. Becca

    Hi Laura,

    Have you ever considered that your headaches and congestion may be due to a food allergy? Despite negative testing (food allergens don’t usually show up on skin prick allergy tests because they develop in the gut), maybe something to look into? I had a friend with massive headaches and sleep issues due to congestion and after lots of medications and even a surgery, it ended up being dairy that was causing the problem!


    • Laura

      Yeah, I know I need to reconsider:( I’ve done a soy, lactose, and fructose elimination, but I probably need to do the gluten one. I’ve just been dreading even one week without beer or regular bread. I also might give dairy a try again, because I have had some problems with milk and running in the past…

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

        He did an “elimination diet”. Basically it is four weeks of clean eating (no dairy, gluten, coffee, sugar, junk food, soy, etc) to clean out the body. Then each of these foods is introduced one at a time to see what happens when they are eaten on a “clean slate”. It sounds hard, but it works! You can even do a milder version of JUST gluten and dairy (most people just do this rather than the full fledged elimination diet).

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