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Potluck: Triangle Bloggers

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 | 6 comments

Christina was nice enough to organize a Triangle Blogging Group and I volunteered to host tonight’s potluck! As can be expected, the spread was wonderful:




French and British cheeses,


dill and curry tuna salad,


Mexican quinoa,


chicken salad with golden raisins,




I made Angela’s banana split bites! Sadly, I made these yesterday, thinking they would be ok in the freezer, but when they thawed, they got gooey and brown. It’s a great recipe though, because they tasted fantastic at last night’s potluck!


I looved meeting all these girls! Everyone was so different, yet we all have blogging in common.


Hope to see them again in the future:) Night.


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  1. Angela

    The food looks great! I think I would dive straight into the cake :)
    Sorry to hear your banana bites browned! How long were they out for? I will make a note of this issue in my recipe. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Laura

      I pulled them out of the freezer about 30 minutes before dinner, and we ate them at the end, so prob an hour! They tasted amazing though!!

  2. kath

    Yum! Blogger food is always so good

  3. rachel

    Looks amazing! Wish I could have joined you. Hope to see you tomorrow!

  4. Anne P

    Sounds like a blast – sorry I couldn’t make it!!

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