Almost Summer

Cooking Ramblings

Ya know, just a quinoa bowl with chic sausage and roasted veggies. With a little bbq sauce added later. Gotta have a big bowl of something at least once a week.


I can’t believe it’s almost summer! This became very evident at work today, when I found out about two more referrals. I’ve got six cases to go with barely five weeks left. It’s crunch time. In addition, I’ve got two really fun trips coming up in May, so this is the calm before the storm. I also know summer is coming because the Duke campus had a huge celebration for the last day of classes today (LDOC). I was oh-so-jealous to see girls running around in sundresses and huge dance parties in the middle of the quad. Matt and I thought about going, but we didn’t get wrist bands in time. Plus, it’s not that fun to be at a huge undergrad party when you’re sober and without all your college friends! So I went to the gym instead, and Matt went to the library. Speaking of the library and summer, Matt’s one week away from months of freedom. Maybe I’ll start cooking dinner for 2 again. It’s hard to believe he’s halfway through business school. We just got here! I won’t officially declare it summer until Memorial day though. And when I start sweating 24/7. Until then, I’ll just keep testing kids and shivering in my freezing office. Over and out.