1. You and your fiancee look beautiful in that first shot – such an effortless picture! How did you like the Cupcake wine? I’ve seen it in stores a few times and have been curious but I haven’t picked any up yet.

  2. Annelies

    Enjoy the beach! I must say you always wear really nice dresses, where did you get this red/pink one?

  3. Macrae

    Hey Laura!
    I love your blog but never comment so I’m coming gout of the woodwork! Love your wine choices for tonight- Malbec and Cupcake, can’t beat those two. Have a great beach time and Congrats to you and Matt:)

  4. Congrats on your engagement!!! Just read the story…very cute. 🙂 I laughed about the package thing…haha, Im sure he was wondering how the heck to get you out there before the flowers wilted.
    I agree, your ring is gorgeous! Enjoy the engaged life, it’s fun.

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