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Posted on Jun 19, 2012 | 1 comment

Where did the day go? I was on my computer all.day.long – googling, searching, planning, emailing, chatting. It’s really easy to just get sucked into the internets. There’s no tv here (there’s an actual tv, but it doesn’t get even local channels), which is both good and bad. Bad obviously because I can’t watch anything other than Netflix (not even the Olympics:(), but good because I don’t waste time. Except I end up wasting even more time on the computer, because I’m more of an internet person anyway. Talk about first world problems!!! I need to start reading.

I finally pulled myself away from the screen around 5 to head to my new gym. Love it! I noticed today that 90% of the men enjoy looking at the other men, but that’s just fine with me. They all have nice muscles:) I think I really needed to get my body moving because I ran 4 miles almost effortlessly. And then I came home to eat more lentils!


This time, I combined the lentils with horseradish hummus to make a nice spread for this wrap, topped it with pepper jack cheese, and toasted! Flavor was great, but I wish I had made this in quesadilla form because wraps sure go down quickly. I’m also moving quickly through this watermelon, which has been great for hydration. Working on my water intake is a major goal for me this summer.

It was quiet out there today – what’s new with you guys? Anyone else on a summer break?

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  1. Miranda

    First world problems are hilarious – check this out, the comments had me giggling for ages at my desk: http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/whats-your-first-world-problem-3/

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