1. Brendan

    I cut my own hair. And I use the shampoo at the gym. If I had Matt’s gorgeous locks, I’d probably pay a professional.

  2. Yeah, I was shocked when I learned they charge that much for a haircut. In college I would go to a New Talent Aveda salon where I would get a cut for $30 (a rare find in the city). But ahhh how I love Aveda products, they smell so earthy and fabulous. Thank God for Living Social deals 🙂

    • Laura

      I already showered, so no picture:( There’s no way I’ll be able to get it to look like he did without a blow-out and nice straighter, but I’ll snap a pic when I wear it down again…

  3. pam

    Wow that is really expensive..I get haircuts for $10 and color for $20..my cousin is a stylists and I just have to pay for the color..lol But most people around here pay for cuts about $15 and color $50-$75.. but that is because I live in the midwest where everything is cheaper. Post a picture..
    Have a great day.

    • Laura

      Oh my goodness! 10$ here is unheard of even at Great Clips! Sorry there is no picture, I had to shower after the gym and ruined it:(

    • Laura

      Rock, Paper, Scissors in Durham. Although I kind of want to switch to a man after yesterday:)

  4. Kathryn

    My go-to is the Paul Mitchell School- they have one here in NOVA and even one where I went to college (Columbia, SC). Can’t beat a $12 haircut, and they always did a great job for a basic trim.

    • Lynn

      we have a Paul Mitchell school here in Ohio and I’ve been tempted…… A lady down the street goes and gets a short, choppy do that’s very stylish and she requests one girl there who does great cuts but is about to leave soon. If you don’t know of someone who is good it can be hit or miss but very reasonable.

  5. I pay $45 for my haircut and $135 for a cut with color. I think that’s about average for where I live, in a fairly large city in Ohio.

    My favorite stylist ever, though, was in college. I only paid $18 and she made my (at the time) short/choppy/textured/tousled look look so awesome.

  6. I don’t color my hair and only get a few haircuts a year so I usually do spend $45 or more on each haircut. I’ve really found that with the salons that charge more I get a better experience. And since I’m not on an every 8 or 12 week schedule I think its okay to spend that much. Its an experience for me that I really enjoy, plus sometimes you get what you pay for!

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