Back At It

Cooking The Working World

I’m back to a normal person again – the end of summer vacation was a rude awakening, literally. It was tough transitioning from Colorado time to a 6am wake-up on Monday, but I’m finally feeling like myself again. As for the new job – to say I feel overwhelmed is an understatement. Of course it’s only been two days, but the whole working in three different schools thing is a bit more confusing than I had anticipated. Let’s hope I can stay on top of things!


It feels great to be back in the kitchen! Though my kitchen isn’t fancy, I love having my own pots and pans and a stocked pantry. To easy the transition home, I bought wild salmon and made a nice dinner. Matt’s not a huge salmon person, so I’m trying to make it more appealing, and man, this fresh fish was sooo much better than the frozen salmon I’ve bought in the past. I think I’m going to go on a buy better meat, but buy less of it kick after this meal. Anyway, I marinated the fish in a mixture of olive oil, mustard, honey, garlic, and brown sugar and broiled it. This was wonderful, but I still miss Denver.

And it’s already 10…time for bed:(