1. Sarah

    Red velvet or vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting! Also love salted carmel icing–not a big fan of fruity icings. Cake tasting is so much fun!

  2. How exciting! You must be so happy to knock a few Musts on your wedding To Do list. : )*

    Here is a picture of our cake tasting.

    It was a doozy! I think I can do this at least once a week. : P We’re having a 3-tier cake – the bottom 2 tiers is an infamous berry cake and the top tier is a sinfully delicious german chocolate cake. I can’t wait to chow down!

  3. Lindsay

    That one in the middle would probably be close to my favorite type of cake! I love vanilla/white wedding cake with a raspberry or strawberry filling! I’m not the biggest frosting fan so I don’t usually care about that, although it does help when it’s a good frosting 🙂

  4. Carla

    Uninterestingly enough, I just LOVE cassata cake. There’s something about the spoonfuls of moist pudding/fresh strawberries paired with light, simple whipped cream vanilla frosting that really makes me enjoy eating it…

  5. I have always loved wedding cakes with some sort of fruit involved. Lemon is my favorite, but apricot sounds delish! What a fun tasting.

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