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Thoughts from a Tuesday

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 | 7 comments

  • I saw Argo on Sunday and really enjoyed it. And I loved Ben’s new look:)
  • I heart America!
  • I need a weekly show [not House Hunters]
  • Found this in the grocery store…a little different but so tasty with pita chips:


  • After all the talk of tea in the comments [thanks guys!}, I had a hot cup of peppermint this afternoon! I have kind of a big problem with hydration and tea helps with that too
  • There’s something very attractive about white haired men…
  • I know there are tons of hurricane Sandy fundraisers/donation options out there, but consider donating something from this Amazon wish list for students at a Monmouth Beach, NJ school that’s expected to be closed for 5+ weeks due to damage. Reader Lindsay grew up in Monmouth Beach and went through a similar experience when the school was flooded from a storm back in ’92 – she and her fellow classmates organized the wish list as they were in the very same situation 20 years ago.

Picture 8.png


  • Thanks for reading even when my content is boring:)


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  1. Lindsay

    Thank you so much, Laura, for mentioning the wish list! I cannot tell you how grateful we all are!

  2. Carly

    I saw argo this weekend too and really liked it!

  3. Annie

    Love the blog.. Be kind to yourself :)

  4. Mom

    Never boring to me! Glad to send something to the school. The storm was heartbreaking. Three cheers always for the wonderful Jersey shore.

  5. elizabeth

    I am obsessed with Nashville! And Revenge is fun if you watch the first season all at once. Watching it week by week is kind of boring.

    Will absolutely check out your link to donate!!

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