1. Sarah

    I wore silver Kate Spade strappy sandals. They def were more than $100 (but not Manolo’s!), but I have worn them so many times since to other weddings/dressy events. And unlike your wedding dress, it is totally socially acceptable to rewear. I strongly recommend Kate Spade, both for aesthetics and they are just really comfy, well made shoes.

    • Laura

      I am obsessed with some of the Kate Spade’s I’ve seen online – but I can’t swallow the price….yet:)

      • Sarah

        If you sign up to be on Kate Spade’s email list, they do these secret sample sales, and as I recall, there is usually one on Nov/Dec. They are very well made shoes, and I promise that you’ll rewear them and love them!

  2. Kel

    I am not even engaged but had to pin that last pair. Can I ask where those are from or the brand?

    You absolutely don’t want to skimp on comfort though. Because your dress will be hemmed to the heel height, if you end up kicking them off, you will drag your dress around and become and expensive dust mop!!

    • Laura

      Those are the manolo blahnik’s! I can’t remember which department store website I saw them one (try nordstrom, neiman’s, sak’s)

      I def. didn’t think about the dress dragging – good point!

  3. Gavi

    I just got married in July, and our wedding colors were orange, yellow, and turquoise. My husband wore a turquoise tie (and turquoise socks!), so I went with turquoise heels to match: http://www.bhldn.com/product/curtsey-kitten-heels (they were on sale for 50% off when I bought them!). The kitten heel was perfect for our outdoor wedding, and I loved the pop of color. Good luck finding your wedding shoes!

  4. sarah

    Well, you can tell by yours and Kathy’s tweets that the Gomi gals are hitting a nerve with you two. I’m sure they appreciate your pageview$ at the Gomi site.

    • Laura

      I’m not sure I understand your comment…I haven’t tweeted anything out of the ordinary that I know of. Are you referring to that forum created by KERF stalkers?

        • Laura

          Okayyy…I guess that is what you were talking about. If you are just visiting from that forum and don’t have anything constructive to say, I’d ask that you just don’t comment.

        • J

          Listen, I enjoy GOMI & the satire its sister sites provide, but I think this comment is way out of line. It’s not even constructive criticism; it’s just flat-out nastiness & I think Laura has handled it very graciously.

      • Katie

        They are not stalkers. It is a site that discusses idiot bloggers and your sister is pretty awful as a blogger. None of them would ever give her pageview$ of visit that franchise fakery.

        • Laura

          Right….so if you aren’t obsessed with discussing kath’s every move, then why are you lurking on my site and bashing her in my comments? Please keep negative opinions about my sister and my family on your forum.

          • sarah

            How can you call your sister’s readership stalkers? She’s the one who knowingly shares over the internet what she wants people to read. Invites people to read this information so that she can be compensated for same. She then invites comments, but only allows those that are positive and agree with what she writes. Critics also need a place to vent. If your sister had this writing position in a more formal workplace setting, she would also receive negative feedback, but the stalkers would then be referred to management. As long as your sister wants me to read her blog and receive remuneration for that, I have the right to voice my opinion whether it be negative or positive. Thanks for reading this.

          • Laura

            Totally agree with you! Writing a public blog and putting your life out there is asking for criticism and I agree that everyone has the right to voice their opinions. Constructive and respectful criticism is a good thing, and sometimes even disrespectful comments keep me on my toes:) I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear when I used the term stalkers – I’m not too familiar with the people who write the GOMI forum, so correct me if I’m wrong, but the time and energy that is spent reading Kath’s posts with a fine-tooth comb, digging up information from her past, and speculating about her personal life seems a bit obsessive (and almost funny) to me.

            PS – By funny, I don’t mean that I think you guys are funny…I mean its comical how much time and effort is spent obessing over a blog you claim to hate…

            Thanks for your comment!

  5. Miranda

    I have no comment on wedding shoes but I went and looked at those forums you mentioned above (had no idea they existed) and oh my god, I have never seen anything more pathetic in my life. I can’t believe there are people out there who are so sad that they have created an entire website dedicated to complaining about websites they don’t like. Who would waste time and energy on something like that? Just cut it all out and don’t read it… some people have too much time on their hands.

    I like reading your blog and I don’t think you’re boring/pathetic/privileged white girl attitude. Which is why I read it.

  6. Alicia

    whatever shoes you choose be sure they won’t snag on your dress! I looked at a lot of cute shoes with glitter but they snagged on my dress hem.
    I bought a pair of low-heel gold pumps and got a lot of use out of them.

  7. Jessica

    I second Miranda’s comments above; I am a regular reader of your blog and Kaths and I am shocked and disturbed by this site for people to post purely negative drivel. I thought the saying was”if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? I don’t see why people would keep reading if they dislike it….

    I hope you won’t let this get you down-you should know you have supporters, even if we don’t comment every time. šŸ™‚

    • Baker

      Agree with Katie. I think that is why an entire site has been devoted to venting about your sister. Any criticism, even it’s a suggestion that something wasn’t done right (and we all make mistakes. That’s what make us REAL) never makes it through moderation. It’s all the more frustrating because this is her livelihood. It’s not just a blog for friends and family. It’s her job and if she were in any other kind of job, she’d have to listen to criticism with an open mind and some grace. Okay, sorry, this is YOUR blog and I think your sister could learn from how you handled this. Anyway, I like your blog and best wishes on your marriage!

      • Laura

        First, give a girl a second to approve a comment. I’ve been on vacation!
        Second, I wanted to respond to comments to clear up any confusion initially, but I was hoping this would not turn into a discussion about Kath! Negative comments about her will not be accepted here! Isn’t that what your forum is for?
        And third, I think its good that she moderates gomi comments, given that most of them are hateful and not grounded in the truth. There’s no reason for that kind of negativity on a healthy living blog!

  8. This is definitely an important one! I shopped EVERYWHERE trying to find the perfect shoe and ended up finding them at a little shop. I had a few requests: short heel (my husband isn’t too tall), pretty, unique, and COMFORTABLE! I would never have ordered them online because I knew I would be wearing them all day and I definitely did. My shoes were a 2 inch heal, open toe, satin, and had rhinestones on them in a sunburst pattern. Kinda hard to explain but I just loved them!

  9. A different Sarah

    I also just wanted to post a comment in case you need a boost šŸ™‚ I catch up on your blog once a week or so but haven’t commented before- I found it when you were living in Boston. My bf and I live in Harvard Square and he’s gotten hooked on the shrimp and crawfish quesadilla at Border Cafe which we tried after I saw you rave about it in a post! So you’re famous in our apartment since every time we go there now we recommend it to others! I think you’re very honest and relateable and I enjoy your blog a lot!

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