1. Lindsay

    I can totally understand not wanting to get a tree when you will be spending Christmas elsewhere. If you still want to get in the spirit, Trader Joes has those cute rosemary plants shaped like little Christmas trees for sale now. You could even put a tiny battery operated strand of lights on it! Plus, it is a great source of rosemary once Christmas is over!

  2. Sandy

    I would totally skip the Christmas tree if my adult children would allow it. We are traveling for the whole week of Christmas and the college kids will only be home for about a week before we leave but i would be called the Grand Grinch Mom for sure if the tree isn’t up. I say if Matt is fine with it then do some Christmas decor accents, bake lots of yummy treats or do what makes you happy.

    • Yep! I could skip it too, but certain adult children would NOT be happy, which is a good sign, I suppose, that we gave them happy tree childhoods!

  3. Meg

    I can understand wanting to skip some of the traditional Christmas trappings this year. What about a real pine wreath with a few ornaments or some pretty ribbon? Just a little something for the season without going nuts!

  4. Kate

    I totally get not putting up a tree! I start a job at Duke in 2 weeks and so my husband and I will be living apart until he finds a job. I just decorated with some small things to make it festive!

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