Parade, Party, Prom


I had a fun-filled and exhausting weekend, starting with a surprise visit from my sister (well I knew she was coming, but my mom didn’t..).

Kath had never visited Fuqua, so we took her for our weekly social hour + buffet, known as Fuqua Friday. They had a great spread of bbq and other southern foods. My family got a kick out of the fact that there’s free dinner almost every Friday! We are so spoiled here and sad that there’s only 6 more months to go:(


I held baby Mazen, who decided to take a nap during dinner!


On Saturday, we headed home to Hillsborough for the annual Christmas parade. I was busy talking, and actually didn’t watch too much of the parade, but it brought back memories from when I was little. And the weather was awesome – I even got a tiny sunburn:(

And Saturday night was the prom! I rushed home from the parade to prep all the food and put on my party dress. The prom was fun (although we actually didn’t dance that much), and I think the party was a success – more on that tomorrow. I’m pretty tired from staying out way toooo late last night and I’m gonna hit the sack early.