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Lovely – Ecto ate another post. AHHHHHHHH.

The gist:

I went to a holiday party and ate pizza.

I tried to run with the pizza in my stomach and it jiggled around too much.

I organized all the Christmas gifts I’ve purchased with bags and tissue.

I enjoy the challenge of shopping for gifts even when I’m baffled about what to buy. I know a lot of people are moving towards not exchanging gifts to save time and money, but I think It’s worth it in the end.

Does your family still exchange gifts?

  • Stephanie C
    December 18, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    My husband and I decided not to do gift exchanges starting last year. We just couldn’t afford it anymore, so we started doing donations to Jr Blind of America (where my BIL lives) in our close family members’ names. It was and is hard because it was always my life’s mission to get the perfect gift for each person. Husband’s family followed suit, but my side still does gifts and its uncomfortable!