1. AshinMT

    I do not comment often, but have to say that I was married last August and when we went to do our registry, it was the most bizzare thing ever. You shop all day and come home with nothing, besides being very tired… and it feels so strange and entitled…”buy us this, buy us this” etc. We found that about 50% of our guests used our registry (which surprised me, i figured everyone just found it easier) but the other 50% either gave us something personal (hand made 1955 Montana Map coasters which included my hometown, his, our current city and the capital) or cash. It is a WEIRD thing to be an adult and receive so much attention, gifts etc… but my advice is to embrace it. Its an exciting time and people want to wish you “off” well- enjoy it!

    • Laura

      Thanks for the comment:) It is SO weird, but I’ll try to take your advice and embrace it! It only happens once [hopefully].

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