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Posted on Jan 13, 2013 | 1 comment

Would you believe I stayed in both nights this weekend? I’m definitely in the post-Christmas-its-cold-hibernation mode. Plus, Matt was out of town on Friday night and I was too tired to make plans. So I went grocery shopping and came home with a huge WF salad and introduced myself to Downton Abbey. I wasn’t instantly hooked, but I really liked it and definitely will be watching more. I keep thinking about the characters.


Its not Friday night without a beer! The last of the Brekles’s Brown (a new favorite) from Christmas.

Saturday, I went to the bridal shop with my mom to pick up one of my bridesmaid’s dresses. And while there, my mom unexpectedly found her dress! I think she’s going to keep it a surprise, but it goes perfectly with the wedding colors/vibe and looks great!
The weather was strangely warm and we saw this beauty in the parking lot.
Matt got home late and was super tired on Saturday, so I decided just to make dinner for him. We opened this bottle of wine that my friend Anne gave us from one of her favorite wineries back in California. It was quite good!
I picked up some raspberry chipotle glazed short ribs from the WF case. It wasn’t something I would normally pick, but they were a good price and I knew Matt would like them. Although messy, I’d say they were a success! And I Ioved the crispy, sweet outside.
We had a quinoa blend and very brown brussels on the side.

The weather was in the 70’s today, so Matt and I took advantage and spent the afternoon in the courtyard of a local coffee shop. It was hot out there! We packed sandwiches and sat around and did computer things. And then went to the new community spinning class at my beloved Sync Studio – I had a groupon membership there last year, but couldn’t afford to keep it up. It was great fun to be there again and it was the perfect opportunity to try out the new spinning shoes Matt got me for Christmas:)
I’m off to watch the Golden Globes! I’m looking for wedding hair ideas…

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  1. LSandoe

    I love the Brekle’s Brown Ale! It’s fantastic. Had it in San Francisco.

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