1. I hear you on the weather…it was -4 this morning here in Maine! Yikes! The Caribbean is sounding really good right now!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Downton Abbey! What a great show!

    • Laura

      Its an “About Me” widget on the sidebar that includes an image – it was already set up that way and I just added it…

      Downton is a bit slow at first, but stick with it!

  2. Um, hello…loving this blog already. Just found you through the KERF post and I think you and I are totally on the same page in life…just finished up my masters, moved in with my air force hunnie 6 months ago, working 40+ hours a week, losing all my free time to taking care of dogs and a boyfriend…AND just started Downton as well…we just watched episode 2. Talk about blogging fate. Super excited to read through your old posts on the quarter-life transitioning process.

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