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This & That Weekend

Posted on Feb 10, 2013 | 2 comments

Another weekend over:( I didn’t do a whole lot, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

On Friday, I headed to Duke to help out at the Stop Hunger Now campaign that was going on at Fuqua Friday. I enjoyed being on an assembly line and was in charge of the funnel station:)


After volunteering, Matt and I went in search of the Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate that we had last year around Valentine’s Day. We found it at the Federal, one of the local neighborhood bars – I love this little nook so much! And the beer is must-try.

On Saturday, I headed to Men’s Warehouse to see Matt try on a tux:) They had the slim-fit one that he wanted, so we just need to set everything up for the group, and we’ll have another thing off the list. The only bad news is that rentals have gotten soo expensive – I feel bad for the guys, but I guess it’s still cheaper than bridesmaids dresses.

Afterwards, I headed to the lovely Geer St. Garden for a dinner out with friends – this is becoming another favorite spot! I had essentially the same dinner I had the last time we visited, because it was that good…


The Pranqster Belgian golden,


the jalapeno cheddar hushpuppies,

and the fried chicken and arugula salad! Matt had some sort of double cheese stuffed chile that was a hit as well.
Of course, since the Fullsteam Brewery is right next store, we had to stop in and have the First Frost, which is simply delightful.

And the weekend concluded with a very un-photogenic, but delicious combination of turkey burger in whole wheat pita with dill yogurt sauce.
I’m procrastinating bedtime with the Grammy Awards, and now I’m feeling inspired to create a new running playlist for tomorrow.
Good night.


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  1. Sandy

    If you are using traditional tuxes and would be okay with minute differences you could suggest that buying their own may prove to be a cost effective move. Most will have more occasions to wear a tux and they could probably be old on eBay or Craig’s list if they decide they don’t have the need.

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