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Spring Break for Dinner

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 | 6 comments

Our first wedding gift arrived today! It’s equally weird and awesome that presents are just going to start showing up on our doorstep.


We have a whole set of new wine glasses now!!! What do I do with them? Matt says we can’t use them until June 1st?

I don’t do everything Matt says, but when he insists on fish tacos I say yes. He’s on spring break this week, so he’s pretty much drinking beer and bourbon and cleaning everything in sight. I came home to find the sweaters in my closet organized and folded. I can’t really reach them, so my sweater shelf is always a disaster. Not anymore!


Anyway, with these freezing temperatures and the miserable wind, I think he just wanted to feel tropical. And tacos, mexican beer, and a festive atmosphere is really the only way to do that in the middle of Durham. We went to Nana Taco and I got the special – tuna tacos with spicy tomato jam.


The meat was slightly charred and the jam was divine. What a fabulous dinner. I kinda want to go back on Friday.

Now we’re getting ready to watch Magic Mike. Barleywine for him, sleepy time tea for me.



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  1. Marie

    Matt is right! Can not use until after the wedding!

  2. Lindsay

    We <3 nana taco too!! It is walking distance from our house (trouble!) and my husband is obsessed with those tuna tacos/tomato jam. Have you tried their chorizo fundito appetizer? it is AH-mazing!

  3. Laura

    You can definitely use before the wedding-why wait?! We used our gifts as soon as we received them. Just send out thank you notes now!

  4. Mom

    Gosh. That’s a hard one. Hmm. I would let a man who voluntarily organizes closets call the shots on when to use the wedding presents.

  5. Bunny C.

    That spicy tomato jam looks fantabulous! Also, maybe you should Tell Matt to hide the prezzies so that you’re not tempted to open them before June… As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind ;p

  6. Sara

    yes, you have to wait until after the wedding to use your gifts! The reason – if for some reason the wedding does not happen, you have to send all gifts back to the giver (unused).

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