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More Cake!

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 | 12 comments


My family has a cake problem. Yet we rarely bake them! I think the only from scratch cake I’ve ever made was this sorta silly looking heart for a friend’s engagement gathering. It tasted great though, I promise.


Since my mom’s birthday was today and she had to work late into the evening, I knew she wasn’t expecting a cake. So I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to whip one up and pop over to Hillsborough for a wild and crazy party.


I love making strawberry buttercream, but it doesn’t hold up well to frost a cake, especially when frozen berries must be involved. Thus, I decided to put the strawberry buttercream in the middle as a filling, with strawberry cake and old fashioned white buttercream on top. I didn’t do so well with the whole icing thing. I’m not very patient.

I finished it just in time to jump in the car. My mom was really surprised to hear singing coming from the dark kitchen!


The cake was moist yet dense and sturdy enough to cut. I’d definitely recommend the strawberry cake recipe.


The birthday girl liked it!


It was a fun surprise and a sweet ending to this spring day.


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  1. Mom

    Cake was delicious! Thank you so much.

  2. Barb @ FL Mom's Blog

    Hi! I’m finally getting around to posting a comment on your blog! I love reading about the foods that you and your Matt try at the restaurants and of the places that you go, along with the foods that you cook and bake. The strawberry cake recipe looks great! I live vicariously through your posts, and I bookmark the restaurants in hopes of going there on a trip through NC someday, again! This 50 year old Mom, RN, and blogger seriously enjoys both yours and your sister Kath’s blogs!! Keep on with the fantastic blog and your career!

  3. Kath

    Sorry I missed it! Hope a slice makes its way to cville!

  4. Dad

    It was one of the best homemade cakes I’ve ever had. Thanks for baking it.

  5. Judy

    Very sweet….in more ways than one! Looks yummy!

  6. Megan @ MegGoesNomNom

    That looks amazing! I agree that I love cake, but rarely bake it myself. Then I see pictures of others’ homemade cakes and constantly get the urge to make one myself!

  7. sarahMTSBB

    Now I want cake! mmm. I’m getting married June 1st too on Folly Beach, SC (my finance & I live in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area of NC). Are you freaking out about finances yet? I am starting to get anxiety every time I think of something else we need that costs money- 2013 is the year of the wedding, honeymoon, HOUSE (my 1st time with a mortgage ever), and car (if I ever stop procrastinating on buying a new car that is). Phew. Hope you aren’t stressing and everything is falling perfectly in place. :)

    • Laura

      Very cool! I’ve def. freaked out a bit, but trying not to worry about the future. It’s going to be quite a few years until we can buy a house:(

  8. sarahMTSBB

    fiance! Lol…but finance is a hilarious slip considering it’s at the top of my anxiety list :)

  9. LSandoe

    That cake looks incredible. I love strawberry cake. Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Enjoy: http://thebrightsideaccordingtolaura.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster.html

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