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Shower Scenes

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 | 19 comments

Guys, I had the most wonderful weekend!


My bridal shower was so lovely I nearly cried.


It was hosted by three of my mom’s close friends, who have watched me grow up:)


They prepared a beautiful spread of food, sangria, and pear punch!





Everything was delicious, but I think these bacon-wrapped pears stole my heart.

Although everyone knows cake is my true love.


Strawberry in the middle!


I think my favorite part of the shower was a newly-wed game that the hosts had put together with Matt’s input. I did pretty well, but was stumped on a few of the questions.


Opening gifts was pretty fun too!


China from my mom!


I hope the guests had fun too – I think Mazen loved being around so many ladies…



The shower was only the highlight of the weekend – I also got to spend tons of quality time with family and friends. I’m sad it’s all over, but so thankful to the hosts for such a sweet shower.



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  1. Susan

    I had such fun at your bridal shower! And thanks for letting me relieve it through your blog. I’m still dreaming about that cake, by the way! : )

  2. Jenny

    Hi! Been reading for awhile–just wanted to say congrats on your upcoming nuptials, and that bridal shower looks amazing! And wow, what a beautiful cake :)

  3. Mom

    Your pictures are wonderful, and I’m still dreaming about the cake, too.

  4. Gail

    Great pics! We had a great time preparing it all for you! Can’t wait for the wedding.

  5. Judy

    It was so fun Laura! What great photos. Fun and friends and food….can’t beat that. The cake was the star of the show ….besides you!

  6. Lisa

    Love the vibrant colors. Oooh and the cake! Looks divine. :)

  7. Kat

    Oh how lovely! I wore the same dress to my bridal shower in June, but in white. Love it!!

  8. Lisa

    What a beautiful shower! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :)

  9. Caitlin

    Your dress is gorgeous! Where is it from?! Looks like you had a wonderful shower, congrats :-)

  10. Erica

    Congrats!!! Your dress is beautiful!!!! Where is it from?

  11. Reece

    I’d like to hear more about the gifts! The china was from your mom, what else did you get? :)

    • Laura

      A lot of great stuff from the registry – like towels, corningware, glassware, candles, and a coffee maker from my sis!

  12. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)

    Your shower looks so sweet! Mine’s coming up on June 9th and I can’t wait! Yours made me VERY excited!

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