1. nikki

    Who catered the event at Nasher? We are getting married at the Life and Science Museum, and checking out Durham caterers. That food looks yummy!

    • Laura

      I’m not sure – sorry! I assumed they had an in-house caterer, or it might have been Duke’s catering.

  2. Caroline Be

    Hi Laura, I’m enjoying reading your blog! I’m thinking of studying to be a school psychologist. Do you recommend it? Also, what work experience did you do before you applied for the degree? Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi! I would definitely recommend it! It’s a rewarding career with great hours and I find it very interesting. I would just make sure you shadow a school psychologist or meet with one to understand some of the tasks, such as testing and presenting results at IEP meetings. Before I applied, I had completed a summer internship at a special school and had a job working with a boy with special needs. Email me if you have more questions!

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