1. Miranda

    Wow wow wow, what a lovely wedding 🙂 I am so glad for you it was everything you had hoped it would be! Congratulations!

  2. Katie

    Congratulations once again to you and Matt. It looks like you has a lovely wedding day, and you made a beautiful bride! I am getting married later this summer in a similar style wedding so it is nice to see everyone having such a great time. Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. Your wedding was beautiful and of course I love dr. Bob! He did our wedding too. I wish I would have not been so superstitious and saw James before I walked down the isle because I did ball the whole way down and it took a bit to get calmed down. Thank god we had such a long opening it gave me time to get myself under control. Not sad or nervous e years it was years of joy. Congrats again to both of you. You will remember your special day forever and I don’t think that anything can go wrong on your special day as long as you have each other. Enjoy the honeymoon and good luck in all your new ventures. Xoxo

  4. Marie

    We did the “first look” as well at the recommendation of our photographer. Best decision ever! We are so happy we had those moments. We also took a “breather” after the ceremony and after signing the paperwork. It was perfect! I’m so glad you had the wedding of your dreams. Everything was beautiful. Happy Honeymoon! p.s. we need to see a pic of the second dress!

  5. As I’ve said before, your wedding looks beautiful! David & I have also said no gifts on the day of from each other, so he better not get me one, like your husband did! haha.

    Have fun on your honeymoon!

  6. Kevie

    Congrats and best wishes. Beautiful wedding! I love your colors. Your dress and the bridesmaids dresses are just gorgeous. And your food menu sounds delish!

    I’m getting married in August and am curious as to how you politely asked guests to not snap personal photos throughout your ceremony and day?

    Enjoy your honeymoon, which sounds amazing!

    • Laura

      Thanks! I’m not sure about the rest of the day (there were def pics from the reception on Facebook), but the weddong coordinator was the one who told guests no photography during the ceremony…

  7. Kayla

    Congrats! Where were your bridesmaid dresses from and what color was it that they wore? I have been looking for something similar for the guys in our wedding to wear. The place we are going through for tuxes can match colors if I have the designer and the color! Gorgeous!

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