1. I absolutely adore your white bathing suit cover up! So pretty and perfect for the place. But I have to say… my favorite picture is definitely of the cat on the beach.

  2. Do you have an ipad for a tablet? I’m wondering if you took those photos with your tablet, or how you got your photos on your tablet?

    • Laura

      Its a Samsung galaxy and I used a micro SD card with my camera (had to buy an adapter for it)…the tablet comes with a slot – a big advantage to the ipod!!

  3. eliza

    how did you plan your trip? was it budget friendly? obviously you dont need to get too much into details but this looks GORGEOUS. My fiance and I are planning a trip for our honeymoon that we will take about a year after we get married. Our wedding date is 8-10-13.

    Was this super pricey?

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