1. Tara

    Your pictures are fantastic. Just curious–did you lug a big DSLR around with you, or did you take the pictures on a point and shoot?

  2. Ellie

    Looks beautiful! My overwhelming memory of Corfu 10 years on is of eating lots of baked feta like the dish in your photo!

  3. christina

    I rarely comment on your blog but I’m truly enjoying “travelling” with you through these amazing pictures. my husband and I got married in May and are going on our honeymoon to Maui next month but now I’m telling him we need to go to Greece next year!

    I think what I like about you guys most is that you look really put together and rested through the whole trip…i tend to get grungy after a couple days haha. You have great style! Was it hard to condense your clothes for packing or did you re-wear items? I never know how to pack for trips!

    • Laura

      haha, thanks! It was a pretty easy trip to pack for because I just brought a ton of dresses and they didn’t take up too much space! We also had the luxury of doing our laundry on the boat, so I didn’t need to waste as much space with workout clothes or underwear. I did a lot of layering too and brought black and white sweaters and one fun blazer to go over dresses and t-shirts. Have fun in Maui!

  4. Kelly

    I was hoping for pics of making the lemoncello! I fell in love with it in Italy. Did they give you any tips of what’s the most important thing when making? I would assume it would be the lemons but not sure… The trip sounds amazing.

    • Laura

      the chef only did a quick demonstration at the beginning, because the whole process takes ten days. But, yeah, the most important things are the quality of the lemons, the timing, and the quality of the vodka you use as the base (she recommends Grey Goose!)

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