1. Kori

    That is so cool! I’m from & live in Knoxville, TN, but I’ve been in Plano & Dallas, TX the last 7 wks for my Public Health Nutrition internship. I think it’s cool that Knoxville & Dallas seem to be linked together a lot. I’m a KERF reader & have been following your blog. You & your weddung were beautiful, & I wish you the best on this new change!

  2. Martha

    My parents live in Dallas and love the food there! One of their favorite restaurants is Fish City Grill if you want good fish tacos.

  3. Allyson

    I can’t believe how much you eat and yet you look so slim! I am jealous – all i eat are salads and no bull burgers, and yet so chunky.

    • Laura

      I really only eat out twice a week at most and def packed on some pounds during the honeymoon:)

  4. Leslie

    Welcome to Texas. You’re going to love it. Great food, great shopping, great stuff to see and do. I have read your blog for a long as you have been writing. You have been living life in fast motion these last few months. How cool that you and your new husband can start your new life together in a new city. I wish you well.

    • Laura

      Thanks! I searched around for honeymoon clothes and there was no one place in particular – I found items at boutiques like Bevello and Francescas, big discount stores like Loehmann’s and TJ Maxx, and mall stores like Express, Forever 21, Anthropologie, and Urban. Was there a specific item?

  5. Karen

    Are those Taco Diner tacos?? The plating looks the same. I lived in Dallas and Austin for a few years and my favorite tacos were Torchy’s Tacos. They have amazing fried avocado tacos. I am hungry just thinking about them! Enjoy settling in!

  6. Lisa

    Was just in Dallas last week. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas. We love it there and wish you and hubby the best. I’m actually from Little Rock. Sounds like you had an okay visit here too 🙂

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