1. Christy

    I’m a Texas girl living in a small town, so I’m enjoying all the places you visit in Dallas. I’m also a school teacher and will begin a new school year tomorrow. Will you be working in the schools this year? I always enjoyed when you wrote about your days working at school. You were so honest which was refreshing. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Love your blog!
    Your pictures are amazing…it almost feels like I am there with you!
    And your wedding was gorgeous!

    I was just wondering, what are your plans for the next year…as Matt is going back to work, will you continue school counseling or find other interests?

      • Get the Paulie Gee!!! I’m also a fan of the secret menu item “honey badger pizza” which is proscuitto, mozzarella, basil, with a honey habanero glaze.yum! I like it even better with some mixed greens on top to balance off the flavors a little.

  3. Some more of my fav dallas eats:
    -Nonna: upscale delicious Italian. Menu changes daily, though there are a few items that are permanent

    -cafe pacific: ZOMG THE SEA BASS IS TO DIE FOR

    -yutaka: my BF and I just about died when we tried the sweet shrimp

    -hopdoddy: the prime time is sooooo good. I I like my burger patties to be thick and juicy- this was everything I wanted and more! EVErything was perfect- from the prime time Kobe beef patty to the buns made in house.

    – victor tangos: get the dishes that sound more flavorful!

    -the grape: the pâté is the best.ever!! Also a fan of the lamb appetizer

    The places I thought were MEH: Hattie’s, hibiscus, Max’s wine dive

  4. Ok sorry I forgot two things.

    You MUST Check out central market on lovers lane. It is way better than whole foods 🙂
    I am a HUGEEEEEE FAN of their blood orange sorbet and all their gelatos (esp almond biscotti and coconut)

    Eatzi is an awesome deli type place. their cornbread is really good, and id say their bread is the best I’ve tried in dallas. I like the sandwiches, cookies, ALMOND CROISSANT (ok sometimes it’s hit or miss but usually a hit), and my BF thinks they’re rotessirie chicken is really good (I think it’s just ok)

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